Here I share links to useful tools to conduct research or to interesting information about current topics on development economics.

Knowing the language you are working in is super helpful! I have worked in India for my PhD and was super glad that I am learning Hindi for 10 years. I train myself by listening to  SBS Hindi or watching the BBC Hindi News. They are one of the few Hindi sources that are prepared for a more Western audience that needs time to grasp the topic and is able to listen to only one person at a time.

There are some amazing blogs that tell you about latest research articles, latest topics, or new methodology. The ones I enjoy most are the World Bank Blogs, VoxDev, and Economics that Really Matters.

If you want to learn more about how to conduct research from A to Z, the  DIME Wiki is a good and comprehensive starting point. If you are planning an RCT, the research resources from J-PAL are also quite handy.

One of the greatest resources is the science community itself. Try to get connected via social media like Twitter.